Getting Started with Wholehog- Part 1: Covers launching a show, the start and splash screens, and installing drivers.
Getting Started with Wholehog - Part 2: How to work with Hog3PC, the Control Panel and the Windows Toolbar.
Working with Views: This video will explain how to work with and create your own Views.
Patching - Part 1: Part 1 covers the basics of patching automated fixtures across multiple DP2000s, universes, etc.
Patching - Part 2: Part 2 covers multi-part fixture patches, "Replicate Fixtures," "Change Type," and more.
Merging Fixture Profiles: Explains how to merge new fixture profiles from an updated library revision and from a single profile.
New Features in Version 3.0.0: A quick start guide to the new capabilities introduced with software Version 3.0.0, including Art-net.
Cloning DMX Processors: A tutorial for cloning patch information between DP2000s and DMX Processor 8000s.
Networking with ESP Vision: How to connect your Wholehog console to the ESP Vision Visualizer over a network.
Hog iPC System Restore: How to upgrade and re-image your console using the System Restore file.

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