I'm sure you'll find this video symbolic. Water here serves as a metaphor for the divid of life and death. I used the images of Sussan and myself as the only archetypal tourists in this world looking back into the camera to remind ourselves of the forever now. Our presence is singled out by contrast to all the indigenous people, nature and the animals of this land.
However all the people in the beginning of the film in NYC are all tourists and photograph the chaos as the overwhelming towering city heats up.
The goal is to encourage ourselves to laugh and play..... keep life innocent like a pure child who is just mischievously jumping into life.


I shot and edited this film in 2010. Please Set resolution to 1080 HD and wait for the video clip to be completely loaded before you play it for optimal presentation. I also created the sound designs before and after the audio track morphs into Brain Eno's Just Another Day song.

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