This is a project we had in the works since a while, but of course we never really found time to actually work on it. You see, in a company like ours most of the time is spent working on client's projects rather than our own, that's why it's in my opinion essential to treat your own project like you would treat any other, assigning a time-frame, people, resources and all. Otherwise nothing gets done and people start complaining and so on. But I am digressing...

So we had this idea. Since we had a lot lot lot of positive feedback on our Leonardo Da Vinci's virtual museum, we thought, why not making a product that would help artists showcase their stuff in a modern, kick-ass way? And what about gallery owners or exhibitions? Don't they have the right to do that as well?
Since we are playing with Unity3D since a few days, we thought we might as well give it a go to create a line of products that would actually merge the wow-factor of a fully navigable 3D environment with the cultural value of, you know, art.

I am proud to announce that the first step towards this goal is available on Apple's AppStore right now (here's the link, wink wink), it's free, and it's just an example of what it's possible to achieve with this kind of technology.
Nothing too fancy as you see, simplified controls but very high rendering quality, typical of the Unity3D engine I must say.
Since it indeed is just an example, we have included artworks from the Google Art Project, completed with description and all. You can walk around the virtual environment, see artworks along the walls, click on them (or better, touch them) to view more detailed information, visit the linked website for even more info or just keep on walking.

This application is the first step we're taking towards releasing a full line of products that will take advantage of this kind of approach, I can't disclose more info at the moment but we think everything will be ready in a month or so, so stay tuned for a new post with new details.

For now, enjoy our 3D virtual art gallery!

Something more on the app itself: it is FREE, of course, and it's universal (iPhone lowres, iPhone retina, iPad, iPad2 with some optimizations). If you missed it, here's the link.

We have big plans for future updates so I am sure you won't get disappointed!

Humor note: yes, when I click on the additional artwork info it opens the Google Art Project website asking me for the Flash plug-in *rimshot* I was fairly sure it was fine a few days ago, ah well, hey it's just a demo :D

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