Foje-Winter (Lithuania)
Filmed on old Soviet 35 mm SVEMA film stock, cameras KONVAS and ARRIFLEX, no computers, just film!
A song from the musical movie "Rock'n'roll in Baltic", 1991. (Latvia)
Directed by Igors Linga and Aigars Grauba
Cinematographer - Andris Damburs
Designer - Martins Milbrets
Still Photography - Ivars Avotinch (Avotiņš)
Music by Andrius Mamontovas,
Lyrics by Andrius Mamontovas & Tzhiugas Parshonis,
Recorded in "CCS INTERMEDIA", Warsaw, Poland
Produced by Andrius Mamontovas,
Mixed by Leszek Kaminski
Recorded in 1989 September/October. This is the english version of the song "Paskutinė Žiema", which appeared on album "Žodžiai Į Tylą" (1990)
Andrius Mamontovas - vocals, backing vocals, keyboards
Robertas Griškevičius - keyboards
Saulius Valikonis - saxophone
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Music video from the movie AMAYA - song World Is Full Of Love. Composer and performed Andrius Mamontovas.


songwriter, musician, producer, actor.

Born (1967.08.23.) in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Started the band FOJE in 1983, one of the most popular bands in his home country.

They released 14 albums during 1983-1997. The band won all the possible music awards in Lithuania. FOJE toured European and American clubs and had an audience of 60,000 people at their last show in Vilnius. It is still a record of all times in Lithuania.

MAMONTOVAS was also acting in the movies and was invited to theatre, to play Hamlet, directed by one of the most important theatre directors in the world today - Eimuntas Nekrosius. The play is still on the world tour since 1997 and has been performed in 40 countries around the world (190 times to date).

In 1996, Andrius started the charity foundation "Musicians For Children", and made a few big "all stars" shows to rise money for education tools for homeless kids.

After his former band split, MAMONTOVAS started solo career. Until now He has released 11 albums. He's solo carrier is as successful as his years in the band Foje. Also he's well known in Lithuania as the producer, who gave life to many popular artists. MAMONTOVAS is even responsible for the first lithuanian house and rap recordings, back in 1990. 

He wrote soundtracks for several films and music for the theatre play "Ivanov" by Chekhov (directed by E.Nekrosius) at Teatro Argentina in Rome (Italy) in 2002. 

In 2004 Andrius Mamontovas was the main act at the festival by the Brandenburg Gates in Berlin, when the new members (including Lithuania) joined the European Union that year.

In the end of 2005, MAMONTOVAS formed a band, called LT United, to represent Lithuania at the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. They've won the 6th place with the song "We Are The Winners Of Eurovision".

In 2007, Andrius started The Street Musicians Day. He called everyone to come out and play on the streets. On the first saturday of May, around 700 people played their music all day long on the streets of Vilnius (capitol of Lithuania). It looks like this event will spread into other cities and will be joined by more people, because on May 3rd in 2008 around 1000 musicians came out to play and 31 city of Lithuania joined the event. Today The Street Musicians Day is the biggest music event in Lithuania as it goes on in more than 40 cities of the country.

In 2008, Mamontovas received the Jin Jue Award for BEST MUSIC (film "Loss" by Maris Martinsons) at Shanghai International Film Festival. Andrius wrote the whole soundtrack and also played one of the main roles in the movie.

In 2009 DVD "Koncertas Park West Chicago" was released. Andrius Mamontovas made a huge tour in his home country Lithuania, celebrating his 20 years since the first tour in 1989. 30 concerts in the open air were sold out.
Also in 2009 Andrius took part in the movie "Amaya" by Maris Martinsons as one of the main characters with famous actors Kaori Momoi and Dexter Fletcher. "Amaya" was filmed in Hong Kong. Andrius also composed music for this film.

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