A short sequence I animated and cleaned up for a third year graduate film, "Growing Space" by Kate Broadhurst.

I researched lots of birds flying in slow-motion and Planet Earth episodes for this which really helped as it's my first time animating a realistic animal, it was very fun to draw! (Not so fun to composit as the layers are very complicated!)

I listened to Elbow's new album, "Build a Rocket Boys!" as I did this, so their first song "For The Birds" is the reason for the title!

"The birds are the keepers of our secret
As they saw us where we lay
In the deepest grass of springtime
In a reckless guilty haze

And they wove a sweet indifference
And it settled on our skin
Till the eyes that I remembered
For the last time drew me in

The birds, though I wore your glacial patience
To a smudge of bitter dust
On the last day you embraced me
With a glistening sapling trust

Did they sing a million blessings
As they watched us slowly part?
Do they keep those final kisses
In their tiny racing hearts"

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