This video features an international concert between Glenn Smith, music composer and Professor of Music Composition and Theory at George Mason University (Mason) and a pianist at the World Trade Center in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Paras Kaul coordinated this collaboration at Mason using Internet2 (I2) and a Yamaha Grand Piano with a MIDI input/output port. Smith was able to transmit his music to the World Trade Center in Halifax via I2, and the musician in Halifax transferred his music as MIDI notes to the grand piano at Mason. Since the music played directly through the piano at Mason, the music from Halifax was heard as though performed in real time in the Mason studio.

The finale for this concert was a duet played with both musicians and heard in the US in real time from the grand piano at Mason and in Nova Scotia, Canada as if live from a grand piano with MIDI input/output at the World Trade Center there. Kaul coordinated this concert in an effort to show how boundaries between countries can become invisible somewhere over the rainbow and via Internet2 or other high bandwidth Internet network.

Yamaha donated their MIDI Grand Piano for this presentation and shipped it the East Coast from California at their own expense.

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