"'Shambaline' connotes the changing faces that the inner self adopts through its various experiences [incarnations]. This is a word that hints at relationships for which you have no word in your language; 'shambalina garapharti,' then, becomes 'the changing faces of the soul smile and laugh at each other' - all that is in the one phrase."

"Ignor te a deus," translates as "Sunken in the secret ground of your being" but that meaning springs from the deeper translation of the phrase. Literally it means, "Gods closing their eyes" and the meaning or assumption underneath is this: When we, as gods, close our eyes in resting, we dream "our" lives, which live, and forget our godselves. Our being is then secret from ourselves.'
"If you sense this, you try to run. But if you run he has you anyhow, for the demigod Pan was the basis of panic which is the uncontrollable urge to flee, and Pan is a subform of Dionysus. So in trying to flee from Dionysus you are taken over anyhow. You must be taken over by the mad god to understand this, that once it happens there is no way out, because the mad god is everywhere..."
--VALIS, by Philip K. Dick
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