Video Directed/Produced by
Tamas Mesmer
The views and opinions expressed in the following presentation are not necessarily those shared by Angelspit, its employees or affiliates.

Concept:Tamas Mesmer, Zoog von Rock

The song 'Toxic Girl' is written and performed by Angelspit
Drums by Chris Kling

Zoog von Rock, Amelia Arsenic, Jay Leung,Jason Berry

Producer: James Wreford, Tee Lapan
DOP: Arthur Loveday
Production Designer: Stefania Zissi
Editor: Anna Meller
Special FX Supervisor: Miklos Hadhazi
1st Assistant Director: Louise Collins
Production Assistant: Ana Carolina Sena,Theresa Wallhausserova
Driver: Benson Njenga

'Game Show Zoog' footage
Sir James Micheals (RIP)

Art Director/Model Maker: Theofano Pitsillidou
Make Up Artist: Arabella Clark
Set Decorator: Christos Massalas, Aygul Bakanova, Jose Alberto Cerrillo Soto
Carpenter: Simon Godfrey

Key Grip: Pedro Brehm
Grip: Anni Manninen, Daniel Kontur

Rotoscope Artists: Eva Anita Zeke, Peter Varga, Krisztian Godzsak

Lighting by Direct London

Studio by SPACE


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