Built in Processing using OpenCV and Ess libraries

SENZAVOLTO is an interactive sound visualizer. Its name means “faceless” in Italian, and indeed my aim was to create a visualizer that would take user input as the basis for abstraction.

The visuals take input from the user’s webcam, find areas of contrast and create geometric outlines that change based upon movement. The visuals are then augmented by the mic input: amplitude or volume controlling the size of the geometric shapes and frequence controlling which shapes are produced – from the lowest frequency, triangle, quadrilateral, circle, square, to the highest frequency, line.

Users can also change the color palette of the visualizer by ‘clapping’, ‘snapping’ or producing a loud noise – thus augmenting their experience once again.

Consequently the SENZAVOLTA experience is unique to each user, with their movement and environment creating the visualization and the range and volume of their voice controlling the shapes.

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