This piece uses the Sonuus i2M to generate feedback with an audio-MIDI loop for KONTAKT and KORE2 instruments. The Sonuus was used with the Korg Kaossilator to generate the dying roars of the Old Lion (thunder).

Even the not-so-careful observer will notice that text is reversed. This is an artifact of how the ION Twin Video records in "Me" mode, which I used to insure that I had a good screenshot of the instruments and actions while performing.

The pink glowing thing is a rose quartz tealight candle. It was night when I recorded the video, and it helped warm up the lighting.

Synthesizers and Instruments:

KONTAKT: Array Mbira, Bassoon

KORE2/Factory: Rock Guitar
KORE2/Animated Circuits: 10 Finger Guitar
KORE2/True Strike Tension: Fire Sign (w/step sequencer)

Roland Sonic Cell: Ultimate Concert Grand (microtonal)
Hπ TBX1 Tuning Box: Bohlen-Pierce Tuning

Korg Kaossilator: 51 - Sine Chord

"The Death of the Old Lion" has a rich texture that begins with a simple melody using the bassoon. To this is added a timbre of microtonal piano. As the piece evolves the Kaossilator introduces brief and abrupt periods of "thunder" that are sweeping and not note-based (in the sense of a keyboard).

As the piece evolves audio-MIDI feedback is added to the KONTAKT and KORE2 instruments. The Rock Guitar and 10 Finger Guitar instrument are added for more resonance. and a grainier soundscape. The melodic line continues, but rapid trills and chaotic grace notes struggle against the melody. At this point the song is in feedback performance mode, The performer need only sit still until it is time to close the piece.

Closing is done by "dialing down" the audio-MIDI feedback until the performer has complete control of the instruments. The melodic line returns with bassoon and guitar overlaying the microtonal piano, which can be heard at the end in the deeper registers.

Finally the last instruments are the Array Mbirra and the Fire Sign percussion, which are faded out.

This video is part of my new album "The Old Lion and the Frisky Lamb" which can be heard at:

and is soon to come at my website:

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