Directed by Scott Lyon - Photograhed by John de Borman

In reference to article:up front and Technical from BSC Website:

"Coincidently straight after my BT commercial I was asked to shoot a MATALAN commercial. This was a very simple idea and very clever but actually much more complicated than it originally seems. We had to pan the camera from one tree to another in 5 seconds with a motion control and repeat the move over and over again but make the action of the actors continuous so that it looked as if you were doing 360 degrees . The problem was that there were people sitting static round a picnic and we had to avoid any motion blur or any out of focus elements.

We decided to test every camera and combination, to openly and fairly find the best with absolutely no bias. We tested RED, ALEXA, GENESIS, WEISCAM, PHANTOM and ARRI 435.

We tried 180-degree shutter at 25 and 50 frames, then 90degrees shutter at 25 and 50 frames all on the same motion control rig.

The Director.. Scott Lyon, Wes the flame artist at the Mill and I sat down and compared. What we unanimously went with no preconceptions was finally FILM at 90-degree shutter at 50 frames, brought down to 25frames and interlaced. It had the best definition and resolution………..I rest my case

John de Borman BSC"

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