Steve & Jens elaborate on the Z-Finder EVF’s menu features, shooting styles & quality. Features include scalability, frame line generators, anamorphic ratios & more.

Helpful timestamps to help you navigate through the video:

0:25 What you get when you buy the Z-Finder EVF Snap
1:43 Upgradable Firmware updates via USB
2:16 Scaling
4:31 Anamorphic Correction
5:02 Frame line generators
5:49 Color Bars
6:07 Exposure Assist
6:54 Focus Assist
7:36 Assigning features to function buttons
7:57 Retaining customizable settings even after powering down
8:23 Monitor comparison
8:58 Color comparison and Chroma adjustments
9:49 Switching between 480P and 1080i
10:48 Resolution
11:59 Dot Pitch
12:18 Upcoming Firmware upgrades
12:33 Battery Power
14:05 Different ways to use the Z-Finder EVF
15:51 Assembled and manufactured in the USA
16:32 The look of the EVF - inside and out
18:12 The Drop Test

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