On the roof of his Shanghai studio, German artist Sebastian Heiner wrestles with the colours in the mids of what he calls 'Molochcity', the home of 22 million at the mouth of the Yangtze River.

Videojournalist Peter Wollring captured Heiner's rather energetic style of painting and cut it to a vibrant electronic soundtrack composed by Sebastian Drichelt. The roof performance, dubbed 'Subliminal Session' for its multi-layered message, pictures a man free of conventions – marking a stark contrast to his surroundings and the struggling mass on the uneven path of rapid industrialisation. The brutality of the art technique, the sharp tones and the harsh Yangpu District background leave you on a road to nowhere with a feeling of post-apocalyptic emptyness.

All images were recorded on the roof of Studio Shanghai, a strip of no man's land overlooking the North Bund Art Zone.

Studio Shanghai - Subliminal Session
Artist: Sebastian Heiner
Video: Peter Wollring
Music: Sebastian Drichelt
Organisation: Andreas Seifert

© Peter Wollring & Sebastian Heiner 2011

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