POEMATRIX in ACTION (alive performance)
VIDEO >> (alive capture) by Marcelo Gibson = 17th. june 2005 at Instituto Arte Clara (Jardim Botânico - Rio de Janeiro/Brasil)... during the experimental poetry-performance "O VENTRILOCO LOCO"
AUDIO (off to physical mime theatre act)>> produced by Geraldo d'Arbilly, extracted from the audioBook DRUMS 'n' POETRY (lyrics/poem by Tavinho Paes) - 2004
special regards to the guest on dance coreography by GIOVANNA GOLD (vox on soundtrack) and the
incidental guest, taken to the audience with no rehersals- Lady GLADYS LACERDA

video published in audioVisualBook PSYCHO.POP 1.0 - 2008

WARNING: This piece is used for alive performances of KINIKLUBb JAM SESSIONS (spoken words + music + audiovisual).

MORE INFO >> tavinhopaes.com.br

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