Adapting the 3D interface to fit around my screen, for more direct visual feedback. I wanted to control a glitch instrument, "Alllife", with something other than my mouse.

I rewrote the smoothing code so if the variance in the last few values is high, the last few values are averaged; but if the variance is low, more values are averaged. This lets me jump around quickly or maintain a single location, instead of just smoothing everything.

The synthesis works by generating a bunch of 8x8 games of life in the background, then drawing an audio signal through them, making sure adjacent samples have a similar brightness. My left/right input controls how similar they have to be, and up/down controls how many repeated values are ignored (effectively controlling pitch).

The z-axis isn't very reliable right now, but it can be derived from the side panels in theory.

I'd really like to rear-project onto something transparent and conductive, and this would be more effective.

Longer improvisation
Original 3D interface
Conway's Game of Life

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