New in 2011, Sea Kayak Essentials is an excellent instructional DVD for sea kayakers of all abilities looking to develop their paddling skills in open water sea conditions.

Focusing on solid foundations for advanced performance, clearly-structured chapters introduce:

5 Essentials of Boat Speed, Angle and Trim; Body Position, Stroke Linking
Fundamentals of Posture, Connectivity, Feel and Power Transfer
Core skills of Forward paddling, Balancing and Turning
Use of the Skeg
Boat Awareness exercises

Applied skills chapters include:

Open Water Forward Paddling, in wind and waves
Moving Water Skills: crossing eddy lines, ferry gliding and using waves
Tide race paddling: effective paddling in bigger conditions
Rock hopping: applied skills and strategies in close quarters
Surfing skills: launching and landing techniques, surf zone skills

An additional surfing skills chapter also includes detailed analysis of the tide race paddling skills displayed in Cackle TVs 'This is the Sea 3', plus superb footage of sea kayak surfing in the large clean waves of Hell's Mouth, North Wales.

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