This video is a lecture that Russell A Kirsch gave at ANKA Gallery in Portland, OR on Apr. 7th 2011. The talk was about a scientific discovery he made in 2001 on reformulating the "pixel" to have variable shapes, which have better definition while also achieving smaller file sizes in an image.

Russell A. Kirsch is a computer scientist and one of a select few who was a member of the group that first designed and built the first digital computer, SEAC, in the U.S. Federal Government at the National Bureau of Standards. It was there that he was responsible for computer design,operation, training, programming, and research for thirty three years beginning in 1951. He was also crucial in the creation of the digital imaging format known as "the pixel".

He retired as head of Artificial Intelligenceresearch in 1985. Until 2008 he maintained a guest researcher affiliation with NBS (now called National Institute of Standards andTechnology).

For more information on Russell A Kirsch go to: ~rakirsch/ site/ ?/ page/ Russell_A_Kirsch_Home_Page/

for more information on ANKA gallery go to:

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