6 December 2008 is the 75th birthday of Polish composer Henryk G?recki. Chamber Domaine have been working with Professor Adrian Thomas and will be producing a new CD to mark the occasion.
Following the talk by Professor Adrian Thomas, Emeritus Gresham Professor of Music, Chamber Domaine performed the following pieces by Henryk Gorecki:

Two Sacred Songs for Baritone and Piano, Op. 30 (1971) I. Zloze Na Panskim Stole:
I shall offer on the Lord's table my human destiny. I shall disclose in the Lord's House the grief known to no-one. Before the Master of Heaven I shall lay down a handful of dreams. To god in the highest I shall describe my joys. I shall place into his hands, in secret, My daily life.
II. Glodny Chodze Pos Miescie:
Hungry I walk around the city. Hungry I go through life. I heard that in your house you keep a store of the finest wheat. I heard that Your Word is honey filled with truth. I come to your house A man tired of hunger.
Variations for Violin and Piano, Op. 4 (1956)
Four Preludes for Piano, Op. 1 (1955)
1. Molto Agitato
2. Lento - recitative
3. Allegro Scherzando
4. Molto allegro quasi presto
Elementi for String Trio, Op. 19
Toccata for Two Pianos, Op. 2 (1955)

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