ZUNE's 18-month time capsule
on the state of the music industry.

The original content series was named:

and featured...

45 different bands, artists and legends
interviewed right before a live show.

We then film the show and paste them together.

EPISODE: Janelle Monae (Part 1 of 3)
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

Produced: Matthew Chernicoff

Kahlil Joseph, Chad Ross, Danny Song,
Schick Soto, Raul Anaya, Ryan Weight,
Matthew Chernicoff, and several others.

Edited: Matthew Chernicoff
Still Photography: Lani Lee/Matthew Chernicoff
Titles: Matthew Chernicoff

Digiwaxx, Paul Chang, Megan West, Paul Pearson,
Emily Griffin, Jon Kirchner, Rob Greenlee
and too many others to mention.

© 2008/2009

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