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"A boy walks by the city. Suddenly, he feels the presence of a dark character who begins to pursue him.While escapes, his perception of the context distorts and the thin line between reality and fantasy begins to become blurred..."

Written, Animated and Directed by Agustin Graham Nakamura

Running Time: 12:30 min.
Country: Argentina-Japan
Release date: 2008
Music: Manuel Gutierrez
Editing: Ezequiel Borovinsky
Visual FX: Leandro Pugliese
Sound: Santiago Fumagalli
Folei: Ñandu Sonido
Voice Actor: Celina Saito, Agustin Graham Nakamura
With the collaboration of Sapporo Designer Gakuin College

All Footage, images and Story are the intellectual property of Agustin Graham and are protected by the Argentinean and International copyright laws. No part of this property may be used without the written permission from the author to include copying, duplicating, publishing, screening, broadcasting, storing in a retrieval system or transmitting by any means what so ever. Expediente Nº 814298, Dirección Nacional del Derecho de Autor, Argentina.

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