2nd Video for The Holy Beauty Project rossinabossio.com/theholybeautyproject/

“This video is about movement. Movement of your body. Movement of your arms, hips and legs. Movement of your head and whatever lies within. Movement of those beliefs you once considered true and now suddenly aren’t. Movement of those collective behaviors that once defined cultures and countries and suddenly don’t. Movement of thoughts. Movement of ideas.

And as movement opens up your senses, in comes change. THBP Vol. 2 is the story of how your life changes as your mind and body move differently. You’re afraid of breaking the cycle but also know it’d be unbearable to stay put. So you change your dance, you change whatever they taught you was the right way. And you discover they were wrong, and you dance your own way and try to move on.

And as you do this, you understand you’re in for a bigger dance. So you continue spinning and jumping and dancing and grinning. Movement gives you power, for it kills the demon inside and the gods in the skies. Movement makes you win back your soul because it lets your body go. Movement sets you free.” by N.D.D

Concept, Direction, Performance: Rossina Bossio
Costumes: Jonna Bergelin
Camera: Nicolas Diaz Durana
Music: Leonardo De Neymet and Nicolas Diaz Durana
Paintings: Rossina Bossio

More info: rossinabossio.com/
Check me on FB facebook.com/rossinabossio

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