Submission to Cinema Out of Your Backpack

This is part of a documentary that I will be filming of a cancer patient. This patient Maria, had to take chemotherapy and radiotherapy for a period of time, she suffered all the secondary effects the treatment produces on people. But in her testimony she explains how being a christian and as a daughter of God she received a miracle and is now healed.

I taped this part under difficult circumstances, in a livingroom of an apartment house, with a swimming pool, a basketball court, children playing, etc... in front of the house. You can hear all the noise in the background together with the dogs barking.

For the black background I used the available lights and a black cloth I hung on the wall with masking tape, for the white background was a simple white wall and I placed María in both backgrounds under the livingroom lamp.

María (A cancer patient)

Written, Subtitle & Translation by María
Directed & Cinematography by (Me/Yeshuadisciple Films)
Edited by (Me/Yeshuadisciple Films)
Music:YOU ARE LIFE (by Ilya Kaplan) (SECOND CHANCE by Erik Haddad)

Black Cloth,masking tape, little tripod
CAMERA:Panasonic GH1
LENS:Canon 50mm 1.4
Audio:Zoom H1

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