Taking as base the novel "Os Espiões" by Luís Fernando Veríssimo and the "Mag!" magazine we developed this fashion editorial video (pictures also available!) broaching the theme Meeting (English for Encontro).

The theme and the book gave us lots of ideas to discuss! Finding a way to show exactly the same "go and get it" sensation that we had trough the book wasn't that easy.
The Minotaur tale reported in Veríssimo's book was the missing screw for our work. The thread perfectly represented our biggest need in our quests nowadays: safety. Being safe is hard and finding the security foundations sometimes looks impossible! Well, it just looks! Sometimes the biggest safety sensation comes with the quest itself! Keeping in mind that there's no better way to reach our aims than just giving your best is the way to succeed! The rewarding sensation of getting something after MUCH hard and dedicated work is just outstanding! At least it was for our crew! Thanks for everybody's help! We just hope you enjoy our work!

Acting: Giulianna Lenci

Directed by Anna Tejada
Photography and Editing by Pedro Tejada and Otavio Dias
Costume by Anne Galante
Scenography by Natalia Grego
Production by Ana Galante
Make up by Poliana Thöni
Make up assistance by Aline Gonçalves
Script by Nadja Pimental
Storyboard by Leonardo Lacerda

Soundtrack: Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine

Filmed with:
Canon 7D
Canon 60D
Canon "L" 24-70mm f2.8
Canon "L" 24-105 f4

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