The Official-Unofficial Crowdsourced Minneapolis Jam Of Summer 2011.

Inspired by what seemed to be the longest Minneapolis winter ever, we took to Facebook and crowd-sourced lyrics for a hip-hop song dedicated to being hot. The best, funniest, most tangential, and HOTTEST rhymes got produced.

Video Credits:

Directed by Paula Maki Biondich
Cinematography by Ryan Taylor and Paula Maki Biondich
Edited by JoLynn Garnes
Title Graphics by Nathan Hinz
Title Animation by Ben Leisen (Drive Thru)

Song Credits:

Music Composition by Rick Meyer & Jerome Rankine (Rumble Music)
Performed by Rick Meyer, Jerome Rankine, Tommy Barbarella & Andra Suchy

Lyrics by:

Paula Maki Biondich
Rick Meyer
Kurt Casey Warner
Ed Mathie
Stacy Berndt
Megan Auld-Wright
Michael Waite
Casey Brewer
Jimmy Makris
Jeff Berg
Jeff Shuller
Don Smithmier
Stephanie Wilbur Ash
Paul Henry
Andra Suchy


Craig Ferrence (as the rapper)
Matthew Gilman (as the jalapeno guy)
Mitchell Thompson (as the hype man)
Chanda Leir (as the video girl)
Dustin Black (as the random guy walking on train tracks)

Special Thanks To:

Jim Morgan & Conduit Sound
Amy Meyer
Mimi McDonnell Black
The “Imma Drop A Rhyme For Sweat Up In My Creases” group on Facebook

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