My composition in DADGAD, dedicated to my son, Dylan.

Next week, my son turns 7 (!)The song is all about the existential questions he has towards life and me trying to answer them. At times not an easy task!: "Dad, why is the sky blue?", "Who was the first man on earth?, "Why do fish swim?"...the list is endless, really.
Hence, is second name is

This is my first "original" and I really REALLY feel awkward. As I am typing these words, I still am not convinced whether I'll post it, or not. Just feel plain naked, really.
I only can hope you will enjoy?

TABS: I have it all tabbed out, and I am searching for somebody who would be willing to put it in "GuitarPro" format. If you can and are willing to do so, please message me? Thanks!

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