An Interactive installation of a public space. Visitor would see itself through the surveillance system by wearing the mobile device. Cameras and sensors are installed in different angles to cover the space. It detects visitor's location and stream images from the nearest camera to the mobile device. Visitors are being secured and traced by the system.

It aims allow people to experience public space by surveillance system instead of our own perception. Visitors rely on the system to locate themselves and finding directions. It is exploring the interaction of people and public space through the technology.

Surveillance is used to monitor people behavior, maintain social control and collect proof of crimes in a stealthy way. CCTV-cameras are installed in every corner of public space, acting like the eye of God. We are being protected and observed under the survillance. This technology violates people's right to privacy and limites people's freedom.

The survillance cameras let us observe the space with a new perspective, through which out existence and interactions with others are emphasized. Being observed and observing the space at the same time in Surveil_land, people form a different relationship with public space.

Surveil_land is exhibited in Hong Kong IFVA Media Art Festival 2011.

music: DJ Prepare

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