LumiBots are small, autonomous robots that can leave glowing traces. The robots are equipped with a UV LED at their tail which leaves a glowing trail on phosphorescent sheet. The traces do not only create generative images which tell the story of the robots' movements, but have a deeper meaning for the lumiBots: With their light sensors, they can follow the other robots' as well as their own trails, and amplify them, thus creating an ant-trail-like mechanism luring more and more robots on the same path.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project.
Special thanks go to Philipp Urbanz for technical assistance, Verena Hafner as science cooperation partner, supervisors Jörg Hundertpfund and Reto Wettach, Schwarmlabor (UdK/TU/T-Labs), Stefan Hermann, Nils Weinert, tinkersoup and ORAFOL.

To find out more about the lumiBots, visit

A music-only version of the video can be found here:

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