The Turf Tavern in Nottingham was one of the oldest traditional pubs in the city. It is now just another bar in the city.

This video is a record of a Wednesday night in December 2005 when The Last Pedestrians played one of their final residency gigs in the pub. They had been playing there every Wednesday for over three years by that time, in fact they had even recorded an album titled 'Life Begins on Wednesday' as a tribute to the experience.

Each week a great crowd of regulars and newcomers would squash into this tiny pub to listen to the songs of Harry Stephenson, Wayne D Evans and Phil Jackson, joined by Beano on piano in the second set.

The songs and the atmosphere that the band created brought people back week after week. They spoke to those who listened and made people feel understood. It is the gift of a great song writer to make each member of his audience feel that the song he is singing was written about their life and this gift could be seen on show every Wednesday night in this little pub on a corner in Nottingham. There were some great times had, and this was one of them!

Harry and The Last Pedestrians continue to play in Nottingham every week to this day (11th April 2011). They now play on Sundays between 7.30 and 9.30 at The Lion in Basford.

I went to so many gigs that I ended up learning the set and joining the band! I'll be posting up some recent gig footage soon.

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