What started out as grandeur plans to do a five hour time lapse of the beautiful night sky turned into something quite different.

I had forgotten half my equipment for the camera that day so there was the first hump in the road. I only had enough battery power for about two hours. What had been a beautiful blue bird day quickly turned into a grey cloudy day. I had just enough clearness to get about an hours’ worth of shots before the entire sky became overcast (you can see the clouds move in at the end of the video). On top of that all the wind decided it wanted to be killer wind and began gusting up to 30-40 mph. It wouldn't have been terrible except for the fact we were in the desert. The sand was everywhere and when I first got my camera out it got sand blasted. It took about 30 minutes out of the time lapse just for me to clean my camera.

The short while I ended up with turned out great though. I wish I had more time to complete this video but unfortunately my personal video edits have taken a backseat for the time being (which means business is good!).

I know some of the still image transitions are a bit fast and blurry but you can always check out the picture gallery on my website if you'd like to see the actual picture. (theworldofmark.com)

Big thanks to Eric for an amazing end of the season hiking trip to the desert. It is always a blast to get away from Telluride for a while and enjoy a landscape completely different.

All shot with Canon 7D and F2.8 17-55mm lens.

The World of Mark Entertainment©

Mark Brown

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