The vertical park assembly is intended to question the accepted typology of the generic skyscraper’s functional and recreational value within a cosmopolitan environment. A tectonic blanket link is turning the typical park horizontal plane and its corresponding topography on its side.
In turn, a variety of vertical programmatic thresholds are created: an internal occupancy, a bonding mixed use dwelling and an external leisure setting.
A network of beams and columns are fractioning and engaging the space, providing structural support and facilitating paths of exploration and habitation for its residing public.
The 8 ft model with its correlating 1:1 scale hand drawings were set to the rhythmic violin in 1998 as a first academic project in architecture. In 2010 it was documented as intended for observation and reevaluation correlating to its time.
Isamu Noguchi sculptures and stage props structuring an engaged space.
Martha Graham ideals of a dancer’s body dynamic tension through movement.
Matisse paper cutouts of isolation and definition.
Felix Mendelssohn violin concerto 1 in E minor described as “passionately restless”, metamorphosing musical structure into choreographed architecture.

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