This year Dane has been riding and experimenting a lot more with CI’s other models, as well as a few unconventional shapes from the CI line. Still the Proton remains his go-to board for pockety style waves. Voted the 2009 board of the year by SIMA, The Proton should be your winter pick!

Original and truly unique from any other board in our line, this board has continuous rocker throughout. The bottom consists of a deep single concave, and full rails. Dane normally rides a 2 3/8” MBM and orders his Protons at 2 ¼”, so order yours a 1/8” thinner.

“I like the responsive, quick feeling I get out of the Proton, and I am excited to have this board as my model.” - Dane Reynolds

Advanced to expert surfers in punchy waist high to well overhead surf. Can also be custom ordered as a step-up board.

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