I usually do these user journeys in sketches, but being that this is my last one in grad school, why not attempt a live one. This video is a rough(!) version where I tested and played around with different stories, camera angles, use of props, music, and so on.

Note: All iPhone screens seen in the video are not final. They are just placeholders.

Casio Kids (Finn Bikkjen), Old Western Music (Spaghetti Western Hero), Joe Harnell (Lonely Man)

1) The most interesting sequence is the last part where our friend Buckshot Bob relives his experience with his companion leaving his side at Grand Central Station

2) Since I'm trying to keep this video down to at most 2:30, there needs to be a common thread that weaves through all three story points in order to get the point across

3) As mentioned by Liz (the Chair of our program), try to do all the explaining of the details/workings/etc. at the beginning. For example, the part where Buckshot Bob pulls a leaf off the tree and views the individual memory via iPhone gets a bit tedious and repetitive. Instead, do it once at the beginning and the remaining memory accesses will be implied.

4) Filming user journeys require lots of planning!

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