Watch virtual 'life' overgrow the real world!
Starting from one or two spots in the environment, it will slowly but surely spread out and trace the world. It can only grow over edges, meaning that certain areas may remain 'uninfected'. This is where crowd interaction comes in. People can use their body to carry the 'life' to a new place, from where it will then spread further. Also, the life can be wiped away, but unless this is done completely it will grow right back again!

This installation uses a projector, laptop and infra-red camera. Running in real-time, it works without prior knowledge of the location and can be pointed wherever it may look interesting.

Filmed at
- FIBER FESTIVAL @ Trouw, Amsterdam (2011-01-15)
- FORMAT @ Club Air, Amsterdam (2011-02-11)
- My living room

Music: 'Tiffany' by Cedaa

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