Rebirth is a new, experimental film written and produced by an emerging visual artist Daniel Stepin. The film explores the mental conditions and attitudes that a person experiences in the process of growing up and maturing as an individual.

Shot at notorious 33 Portland Place, famous for the Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur campaign and Amy Winehouse “Rehab” music video and The Kings Speech it was a perfect location which gave the visual integrity to the film.

he initial idea behind the project was to merge two polar opposites: take the artistic substance of the film and mix it up with visually striking fashion. Daniel thought: “Why not make a fashion film that has a substance to it, that explores an issue that everyone can relate to?”

On the fashion side of the film, Daniel used the works of the big name labels such as Alexander McQueen and Versace and mixed and matched their work with some of the creations of emerging designers.
Lighting and costume designer Jeffrey Michael created several key looks for the film. He is known for his recent work on the Rimmel London campaign featuring Georgia May Jagger. Currently he is working on several projects with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, which currently have to stay undisclosed.

In order to bring his vision to life he collaborated with Marco Russo di Chiara, Sicilian film director from a noble family, whose members were artists for centuries. He recently directed a drama series for Italian television.

he film is based on the idea of the mental rebirth and self-actualisation of an individual that one experiences in the process of maturing and becoming an adult. Visual artist and performer, Daniel Stepin, can easily relate to this as he moved to London, UK from abroad, on his own at the young age of 16 in order to pursue his dream of establishing himself as a big named artist and performer. The inner struggle he experienced on his way, as well as his desire to break through,
is reflected in Rebirth.

Daniel says: “Everyone has their own inner “me” that in some way is superior to them. We all dream of being perfect in life. Confrontation between the imaginary and the ‘real’ you can leave a mark on a person as it is very hard to accept the harsh reality of life. We all have moments when we torture ourselves for not achieving something or not being able to be someone we crave to be. The time of transition between being a child and an adult can become very suicidal.

Nevertheless, at this age a person usually realises there is some grand purpose behind his existence, therefore if he finds and defines what is it he lives for he gets mentally reborn. He becomes a completely new individual.”

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