Does war justify laws against sedition if they also curtail freedom of speech? How would you feel about fighting a war to free slaves when you didn't own any, and yet wealthy slaveholders received exemptions? What chances of decent medical treatment did a typical Civil War soldier have on the field of battle?

A new traveling exhibit circulated by the Virginia Historical Society explores these and a host of other timely concerns in "An American Turning Point." Harvest Moon Studio designed and produced "Civil Liberties and Civil War" and "Sick Call" for this new exhibit marking the Sesquicentennial of the Civil War. "Civil Liberties and Civil War" presents two animated movies about hotly debated issues—anti-sedition laws and tough conscription enforcement—and asks visitors to add their votes to an ongoing tally. "Sick Call" invites visitors to treat common maladies with limited and now outmoded remedies.

Client: Virginia Historical Society
Production Company: Harvest Moon Studio

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