The answers that you carry in your heart are those that bring wellbeing to everybody.
The life that you interpret is a good thing if it is seen as a fable.
The game of fables, the overlap of dream and reality, tones with undefined outlines, the black and white fuse with each other, confounding us, which apparently seem defined.
Appearance doesn't exist, everything is what it is, and what the mind believes it to be, therefore what is apparent is real and the real is apparent, where the border defines one or the other.
The mind creates illusion; to dispel the illusion means to free the mind, freeing the mind makes us see what is real. To take pleasure in what really is, not what could be, or what one would like it to be, creates the mental void that becomes the premise for departure and precondition of arrival, there are no longer limits or borders.
If the mind is free, you are free, your wings are spread, and there is no longer separation between you and the cosmos. You are the cosmos.

Delia Barbagallo

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