CSI Accelerator® is a comprehensive, modular .net/SQL application that can be used PC-based or in a client-server set-up and which allows IT architects (SAP key users, SAP auditors, SAP consultants...) to easily build off-line GRC authorization frameworks for SAP platforms in far less time and at seriously reduced cost. And when that work is done, all it takes is one push on the button for SAP to read and fully implement the GRC project.

CSI Accelerator® derives its name from the fact that the application considerably accelerates the development of GRC management tools thanks to on-board libraries, templates and workflows to support diverse GRC mandates and best practices, including SOX, J-SOX and many more.

CSI Accelerator® consists of 6 interrelated modules (CodificationBuilder, Authorization Organizer, Authorization Request, Quality Assurance,Result Container and Controls Organizer) that together constitute the perfect tool for architectural authorization rule and role building.

One of the unique features of CSI Accelerator® is that the application allows for combined and hybrid role concepts thanks to its twin-layered function-task concept that comes with the following advantages: high flexibility, easy to make changes and updates, overall transparency, easy ownership on all levels (data, business processes, users) and easy remediation of segregation of duties conflicts.

On the SAPkey user side, CSI Accelerator® proves to be the perfect documentation tool as the application ensures completeness of documentation. The application allows for a structured overview of all GRC authorization rules and roles and avoids conflicts between them as it automatically links codification to values and highlights deviations.

With only 1 application, CSI Accelerator® allows the SAP key user to document, guide and monitor his business processes, domains (organization structure), codification (authorization object field values), SOX compliance, SOD rules, norm (customizing SAP & who should do what), fact finding, remediation decisions, SAP roles, risks and control objectives, control measures (mitigating controls) and involved persons.

CSI Accelerator® is the perfect solution for SMEs who want to make a first step in SAP GRC automation, but also for multinationals who have the full SAP GRC suite but who are looking for a powerful, more efficient tool to accelerate the GRC implementation and to test and tune the rule and role changes in the SAP product.

CSI Accelerator® has an unparalleled price|quality|performance ratio in the GRC market and can easily be adapted c.q. updated in function of changes in the business process maturity level, legislation and/or IT landscape. The application has unrivalled functionality, is up and running in a few hours, significantly reduces consultancy days, and, comes with zero exit cost.

Once the application is thoroughly documented, CSI Accelerator® can automatically process mass changes in no time which enables SAP key users f.e. to build thousands of authorization roles in 2 days instead of in 6 months, to make roll-outs to new countries on the basis of 1 day per country instead of 2 months per country or to reduce implementation time by 50% and more.

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