Agreements between France and Spain -hidden to the public but observed in every new repressive strategies against the population- are in the essence of the history of State terrorism by both countries:
-Death squads: BVE [1] (1975-1981), GAL (1983-1987) [2]
-Torture (5 deaths caused by torture since 1981...12 in total since 1961).
-Prisoners' dispersion : 16 relatives of prisoners dead on the road to jail visits - nowadays 650 basque political prisoners dispersed around France and Spain
-Since the 90s: ban of Political Movements (HB, Batasuna, Segi) and Newspapers (Egin, Egunkaria): politicians and journalists tortured [3] + sent to jail
-Since 2002: the EUROPEAN ARREST WARRANT applications: France sends activists to Spain accused for their political activism (youth movement -Segi-,or political party -Batasuna-; allowed by French law, forbidden by Spanish law), warrants [4] are applied to a large amount of young activists in the territory governed by France. Between others in 2012 the Aurore Martin case makes a lot of noise: it shows a new repressive collaborative engagement between France and Spain, with a blinded dependency and collaboration of France with Spain on the Basque populations' repression.
-In 2009, April 18th: a basque militant disappeared, his dead body was found on March 11th, 2010 [5].

This repressive history -such as torture- emerged with the end of Franquism and evolved touching more and more social movements and civilians during the XXIst century.
It is in its extreme today while a peace process is pushed forward by the population and the social movements.

-Body count: since 1960, 474 basques killed by the repression of the two "democratic" states
-In 50 years: between 9.633 and 11.633 basques tortured, 132 in 2010 (the bag; electrodes; the bath are the systematic tools [6]).
Herriak bizitako ta bizitzen duen errepresioa. Hau da hau suertatu zaiguna: bi gobernamendu inperialistek herri bera bi zatitan zatitu, bakotxak hartutako zatian berea inposatu, ta haien arteko adosteak egin, mandatoz mandato, euskal populuaren lehertzeko edota isilarazteko.



censorship of journalist and writers continues

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