On April 11, 2011, the Global Health Council and its partners held the event “Delivering impact in women and children’s health: The challenges and opportunities of service integration” at the Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel in Washington, DC. The purpose of this event was to explore the definition and meaning of the term integration; identify the contextual factors that promote and inhibit the integration of global health programs; and highlight some of the best practices in maternal, newborn and child integration and health systems strengthening. The morning included sessions organized by USAID’s flagship maternal, newborn and child health integrated program (MCHIP), FHI, and Management Sciences in Health (MSH), and was generously funded by the United Nations Foundation, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation. If you have any questions about the event, please contact Rachel Hampton at rhampton@globalhealth.org.

Session: What does Integration Mean, Exactly?
Session Organizer: USAID's flagship maternal, newborn and child health integrated
program (MCHIP)
In recent years, the term “integration” has gained increasing prominence in the global health community to describe service delivery or to systems and management, or in some cases both are implied. Confusion surrounding the definition and use of the world often results in misunderstanding among policy makers and global health practitioners, affecting program development and implementation. This session will discuss the various definitions and uses of the term “integration,” and will include examples from a management perspective and that of in country integrated programming.

Other videos for this event:

Session 1: What does Integration Mean, Exactly?
vimeo.com/22399221 - Deborah Armbruster
vimeo.com/22398210 - Cat McKaig
vimeo.com/22397369 - Joseph de-Graft Johnson
vimeo.com/22396683 - Q&A session

Session 2:To Integrate or Not To Integrate? Determining When Integrated Programs are Feasible videos:
vimeo.com/22396283 - Johannes van Dam, FHI
vimeo.com/22395701 - Alicen Burns Spaulding
vimeo.com/22394708 - Elaine Charurat
vimeo.com/22394417 - Q&A session

Session 3: Build It Better and Stronger: Maternal and Child Health Programs for Maximum Impact videos:
vimeo.com/22394245 Diana Silimperi
vimeo.com/22393565 Abdelhadi Eltahir
vimeo.com/22392639 Issakha Diallo
vimeo.com/22393412 Dr. Rudi Thetard
vimeo.com/22393223 Q&A session

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