Excerpts from the projection visualizations for Blaze from point of view of the 'average' audience position.

Also check out excerpts from the live show (projected on the set with dancers) at vimeo.com/12789616

More info on the project at msavisuals.com/blaze_the_streetdance_show

Note: this is *not* the projector content, it is a simulation of what the audience sees. We used two very short throw (i.e. high lens distortion) projectors covering different parts of the set. The show went on tour of many venues, with different projector positions at each venue - often arriving at a venue in the morning, setting up and playing that evening, and loading out the same night - with no time for laborious content adaption / calibration. So all 3D mapping, calibration and geometry adjustments were done in realtime (even adjustable during live playback if need be). Each projector was fed dynamically rendered perspectives to be mapped extremely precisely onto the set using the realtime 3D mapping capabilities of the Mega Super Awesome Interactive Media Server Engine.

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