TITLE: True Warrior
FORMAT: Hour Weekly Documentary/Reality Program
WGA REG#: 1490268

True Warrior will highlight the lives of extraordinary men and women who are overcoming some of life’s biggest obstacles while trying to achieve their goal of becoming a professional mixed martial artist. Unlike any other show, True Warrior will give viewers the unique opportunity to see more than the action that takes place in the cage. We will take viewers deep into the world of MMA uncovering what it truly takes to step into the cage and become a warrior.

We will capture the heart of a fighter in its purest form which allows us to humanize these athletes breaking down the “barbaric” image the sport of MMA has today. This emotionally charged program will feature personal stories of courage, dedication, passion and commitment which will be an inspiration to anyone who has ever had to overcome a challenge in their life.

Our goal is to expose fans and non-fans alike to the stories of these courageous individuals. MMA is based on a code of honor, respect, hard work and discipline. The core principles in which these athletes live their lives by are a true inspiration to people of all walks of life.

True Warrior shows it takes much more than skill, technique and talent to make it in the world of MMA. The will to win and support of family/friends is a crucial element to their success in this incredibly dynamic sport.

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