Kelly Richardson
'Leviathan', 2011

High definition video with sound
Duration: 20 min loop
Three channel projection
Aspect ratio: 16:9, PAL
Installation dimensions: 48' x 9'

'Leviathan' is a three screen, 48' x 9' video projection commissioned and facilitated through the Artpace International Artist in Residence program.

'Leviathan' presents a panoramic view of a foreboding swamp populated with windswept Cypress trees covered in Spanish moss; a landscape which appears as though it could be from another time. Eerie enough on its own, the nearly monochromatic setting is punctuated by the contrast of a strange yellow, undulating light eminating from the water. Is this an undiscovered or mutated bioluminant life-form of some description or perhaps the result of something altogether more disturbing?

Invited by Albright-Knox curator Heather Pesanti, Kelly Richardson was the international artist in residence at Artpace, San Antonio, Texas from January - March, 2011.

Originally commissioned by Artpace San Antonio

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