”For Unto Everyone Who Has
More Will Be Given..”

A film about Cambridge

Why has Cambridge produced so many Nobel Laureates throughout the years? Are some resources more creative than others?

Script & Directing: Karin Wegsjö
Cinematographer: Aril Wretblad
Sound: Ami Östros
Original music: Magnus Andersson
Editor: Fredrik Abrahamsen
Production Company: Nobel Museum and the Dramatic Institute
Year of Production: 2001
Original Title: ”For Unto Everyone Who Has More Will Be Given..”
Length: 10 min
Format: Dv-cam, DVD, Dolby Stereo SR
Distribution and Sales. The Nobel Museum Stockholm, Sweden
E-mail: olov.amelin@nobel.se

The film is shown at the permanent Nobel Museum in Stockholm and was shown at a travelling exhibition all around the world. (2001-2006).
It is made to be shown at three big screens.

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