(Fort Lauderdale) – U.S. Congressman Allen West flew into Fort Lauderdale Airport at 10:30 PM and did not hesitate to meet with his 160 supporters. The supporters were in 90 degree heat inside the Fort Lauderdale Fireman’s Hall (FTLBH) whose air conditioner kept shutting off

Rumors grew that the Union Members were falsely told that the Tea Party had a website “trashing” the firemen. It was also alleged that the after party to be held after the Tax Day Protest was really an anti-union rally. This was not proven and one of the leaders for the FTLBH was surprised at the well behaved attended event. The unnamed Union Later stated, “I am going to find out who started this rumor and get to the bottom of this.” He further commented that he hopes that a few bad apples don’t harm the image of the Union guys.

The Union Hall had shut its back bar, canceled Karaoke night, and the members almost had the event canceled, but the manager did not contact coordinator Gabriel Carrera to cancel. Many in the event complained of heat commenting that it was cooler outside than inside. One bar tender stayed to serve adult beverages did not understand what the problem was. I love the Tea Party she commented earlier that week. The night of the event she was treated with great respect and tipped heavily by smiling Tea Partiers. “I am going to ream them a new one because you guys (Tea Party) were not as they described talking earlier.

Due to the rumors the Union Hall took down their signs off the building as to not associate themselves with the Tea Party attendees. Tony Suarez from Boca Raton shared, “To go to all that effort of removing signs on the lies of an ignorant individual just floors me.” Suarez continued, “If that is the way they are going to treat people who rent their hall then those considering should look elsewhere lest the same guy spreads rumors on them.” Ultimately, there was no stumping except individuals complaining about high tax burden, too much government spending, and reducing the crushing debt!

When Allen West came at 11:00 PM at night the room roared with cheers of joy to see the man they sent to Washington DC. He spoke about the budget battle, Pakistan, and a few other topics. At the end of the speech just as the Congressman was about to put his coat on the room without prompt commenced to sing God Bless America. Enjoy the video.

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