Getting lost is the best way to find your own path.

... What happens now in Ulan Bataar, Beijing, Tokyo, Yangon, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Calcutta, Bombay, Tehran?

Parallel dimensions are intertwining, that's what happens.

Parallel dimensions that form the big parallelism called earth, around whom we spin overlapping, ignoring, judging.

Next evolutionary step is to stay part of these dimensions, rejoice within and not let form overlap, not ignoring the energy and not judging any results.

If nothing lasts forever, but everything is in constant changement, then also this journey in fact has no begin and no end, it's part of THE everything.
No more a circle but a spiral, endlessly twisting

To everybody his travel, to everybody his life. Enjoy.

Without focusing on past or future anymore, without wasting energy in defining and labelling.
An eternal present is surrounding us, forever, and it will always be.

Music: Squarepusher
This is part of a huge journey across Asia, more stuff at

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