The construction is based on a three-dimensional distortion of a plane which is defined through a multiplication of two different triangles. The elements are CNC cut out of sheets of polyethylene (PELD) with only 5% of material waste and subsequently thermoformed in a mould. The elements are connected into a plane which is then distorted into an irregular three-dimensional form which divides the space into several levels.

When its final form is defined and constructed, several layers of video textures are applied to each panel. Composition of textures follows the physical structure and makes it dynamic with various animation technics like generative patterns design and real time sound response.

Materials: PELD (low density polyethylene), wooden sticks, synthetic rope, vvvv, projector 6000 ANSI

This version of MOE II is adapted for concerts and other musical events. Its construction is set to be more planar; a screen which is adjustable to the size and depth of the stage. Video animation is sound responsive with the control in real time.

Authors: Simon Morasi Piperčić and Vedran Kolac

MOE II Spatial:

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