This is a lecture and discussions from class 5 of the the 'Social Sustainability' seminar at ID (598-005 B 2011), taught by Ramia Mazé and Judith Gregory. It covers:

Examples and propositions for design methods and interventions within social change processes. A background on related initiatives (futures ‘visioning’, Living Labs, participatory technology evaluation, agent-based modelling techniques, etc.), as ‘microcosms’ for larger and longer change. Discussion of critical issues such as inclusion and participation, micro- versus monocultures, and models of social innovation. This topic is covered in 2 parts, the second part to be uploaded separately.

– Bridge from previous classes, timecode 00:00:00-00:12:25
– Discussion of reading ‘Sustainability Future Visions– timecode 00:12:25-00:56:10
– Overview and discussion of reading ‘Knowledge in the Making – timecode 00:56:1001:42:00

More info is available to ID students via 'seeid' or email and

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