A short film put to the music that inspired the shoot in the first place. Stills and video shot in Lancaster, CA

Created by Scott G Toepfer
Music by Audra Mae
Car via Kott Motorcycles
Starring : Eugenia Sangiovanni and Jesse Carmody


Inspiration: I've known the musician for a couple of years now, and only heard this song for the first time very recently. I'd had some ideas sketched out for a shoot like this for a while, and had not really had the final spark that put it all together. Being a still photographer primarily, I often look to music and film for inspiration for still shoots. When I hear this song on stage that night, I decided I wanted to do both.

We originally planned on having an entire day to shoot. Unfortunately the car we first rented died before getting 5 miles from the rental location. So after driving around Los Angeles in traffic for a couple of hours, trying to hunt down a classic on a dirt budget, my buddy Dustin Kott answered his phone and let us rent the seen in the film from him. It had it's quirks, like a driver door that wouldn't close properly (or sometimes at all) a dead tail light and a dead head light, and no seat padding for the driver, but it was just about perfect, and for a good price.

By the time we got to the location I had scouted, it was 2 hours before dark. So to say that we hustled would be correct. Having to change the script at the last minute for the different style of car didn't make it easy, but for a shoot done with $200 in 2 hours...I'm pretty happy with it. And I am a huge fan of classic cars and wide open spaces, so I felt like the day was a proper success.

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