Save You, the Sexual Assault Victims Unit and Gravity Plays Favorites with Floored Dance Studio brings you an Acrobatic Pole Dance Extravaganza! Hosted by Lola Van Ella and The Atomic Cowboy in St.Louis, Missouri.

Performers from Floored Dance Studio St.Louis and beyond strut their stuff to favorite cuts of music on an authentic erotic pole, with a special mix of jazz, hip-hop, rock, funk and even some swinging tunes from the days of yore, all blended beautifully and masterfully as these lovely girls - ranging from first time performers to seasoned professional sway you out of your seats.

Grab a drink and a lap partner and hold on! What you see may have you watching what you sit on your lap!

St. Louis socialites Katrina Dohl (aliases include Katrina the Red; Kate the Great) and Michelle Mynx (aka Michelle Gravity) have been flying high across the nation as Gravity Plays Favorites for over three years. With their unique combination of sexy burlesque and athletic acrobatism (with an occasional rock and roll twist), these girls have, (together with thier trusty pole, Dickie) quickly ascended the ranks of performers to become one of the top billed acts in such events as The New York Burlesque Festival, Cabaret Verdalet in San Fransisco, La Biblioteque in lovely Gotenburg, Sweden, and at Las Vegas' Burlesque Hall of Fame. Katrina and Michelle regularly flaunt thier talents and trysts, er, twists in Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, Albuquerque, Nashville, and Miami, finding time to occasionally squeeze in a few out of the way places like Grand Rapids, Charlotte, and Richmond, Virginia. The Gravity Girls perform locally at The Pagaent, Off Broadway, The Contemporary Arts Museum, The City Museum, Mad Art Gallery, Novak's, occasionally at Rue 13 with The Alley Cat Revue, and RATHER locally at a few of those hippy fests out at Camp Zoe. With a whole grab bag of tricks, a large variety of performance numbers, and style that fits anywhere (well, almost anywhere, GPF is not recommended for children's birthday parties unless your children are destined to be circus freaks, in which case... of course) Gravity Plays Favorites is perfect for concerts (between bands, as a kick ass opening act, or with the main act), fundraisers (animals are our favorites but we support many causes), festivals of all sorts, and even some private parties. If you are looking for a performance people will not only remember but will talk about for days, look no further than Gravity Plays Favorites. Because that's what we do.

I apologize for the aspect ratio dilemma. I was going to crop the 16:9 portions down, but I kind of like those shots, so I left them alone. +1 for creativity? Or just a lack of funds for better cameras.

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