Band: Only Son
Director: James Holland

Watch the mischievous Jack Dishel (of Only Son) as he whisks through the city creating, performing and inevitably affecting the strangers he encounters. His shenanigans affect some familiar faces as well- Macaulay Culkin, Reggie Watts, Adam Green and an incognito Regina Spektor all make appearances.

CAST SHOUTOUT: Jack Dishel, Macaulay Culkin, Regina Spektor, Adam Green, Gianbruno Rottura, Rick Snell, Michael Pope, Jane Ko, Ben Grimes, Angelo Bellobono, James Carr, Alex Loureiro Lorenzo, Steve Guyer, Chloe Reese, Paul Amores, Brian Tymann, Dave Sherman, Meghan Farrell, Stephanie Aye, Glen Ganguzza, Annica Ganguzza, Noah Ganguzza, Ilia Bis, Doug Black, Steven Mertens

CREW SHOUTOUT: Camera 2 operator: Art Boonparn
Camera 3 operator: Benjamin Grimes
Jack's stylist: Jane Ko
Production assistant: Alex Loureiro Lorenzo
Post-production assistant: Cadence Thomases

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